La Casa Del Pane, a world class St Pete Beach Italian bakery.

The Grand re-opening of La Casa Del Pane is a godsend for European travelers and locals who can sample Italia’ right here on the Gulf of Mexico.  I’m lucky enough to score a seat at “La Tavolata”, the communal table that makes everybody family.  Seated just across are three Italian cyclists stopping in for pastry and a bottle of Prosecco, poured with vivacity to insure everyone knows they are livin’ the dream.  Italian is spoken more often than English at the table, but we all understand the language of laughter and the carefree attitude of owning time.  Mama Francesca peeks out behind the bakery display to check out the buzz of thirty odd customers all relishing the fact that they are here at “La Casa”.  The early bird gets the bread, so the artisanal rosemary and olive oil foccacia will surely be sold out by the afternoon.
The homemade mozzarella may last a bit longer, depending on how many fresh, real-deal pizzas are carefully baked and served; all preservative free with only the finest ingredients.  Breakfast becomes brunch becomes lunch becomes early happy hour quite seamlessly here, so I best have an exit strategy.  Oh yeah, a Lavazza espresso should provide just the right boost to make it back to the beach house for a siesta.  Since 1991 the family has been here on our beaches. Mama, Anna and Maddalena are leaders in café etiquette, and may as well be your lost cousins from Milano. Fortunately they are from right here in St. Pete Beach, hosting private parties if you plan ahead and throwing a traditional seven fishes Christmas feast if you’re lucky enough to attend. With their beautiful new building and brand new equipment, Italian style and family values, La Casa Del Pane will be an old reliable source of excellence for years to come.

La Casa Del Pane Website

7110 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

(727) 367-8322