Looking for an adventure to break up your time in self-isolation?

With social distancing guidelines and many establishments still closed, finding activities to do outdoors can be a challenge. The Beaches Visitors Guide shares some fun and safe outdoor activities you should still be able to enjoy during the COVID-19 pandemic, from family-friendly adventures to solo activities.

Of course, any watersport is great, but here are a few other cool and fun things to do…

Camping in Your Own Backyard  If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that is super safe and simple, no matter where you live, then backyard camping could be it! Here are some tips to plan your adventure:

  • First, know that backyard camping can be fun and exciting for everyone in your family, plus this is an outdoor activity you can do even if you’re social distancing.
  • Next, plan some fun activities for your camping “trip,” like a backyard safari to observe wildlife.
  • Then, gather the camping supplies you need to get things set up, including a tent, sleeping bags, and flashlights.
  • Finally, keep bugs away by mixing up some DIY bug repellants.

Picnicking at Your Local Park or Beach   For those times when you need to get away from the house, you can always consider putting together a basket of food and using these tips to plan a safe picnic with your family:

  • Before you start planning your picnic, check to see if parks are open in your area.
  • Then, take some time before your big picnic adventure to go over recommended social distancing practices with your family members.
  • Even if you know you can keep your distance from others, wearing masks may be a safe bet.
  • If you’re planning on visiting the beach, there are some specific precautions you should take.
  • Bring along hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean for your park picnic or day at the beach.

Hiking Along Your Local Trails   If you’re looking for a solo adventure that you can practice safely, you should check to see if hiking trails in your area are open and then use these tips to plan your trek:

  • Use hiking apps to scout out local trails and find options that will best suit your hiking abilities and experience level.
  • Pick out some layers to wear on your hiking adventure so that you will be prepared for whatever weather surprises pop up along the way.
  • Pack a backpack with a few essentials, including snacks, extra sunscreen, and a small first-aid kit, all of which can keep you safe while you’re on the trail.
  • Know how to look for blazed trails before you set off since trail markers can be scarce.
  • Consider planning your hike during the week to avoid other hikers and have a better chance of being able to practice social distancing.

Even during the pandemic, most areas are still allowing and even encouraging, folks to get outside for exercise and stress relief. So think about planning one of the safe and exciting outdoor adventures mentioned above for your family or just yourself. Because getting outside is essential to your health and well-being!   Photo Credit: Rawpixel