Q&A Interview with Tina Herrell

bvglogoAre you a resident of Treasure Island?


Yes, I am.  I relocated to Florida 27 years ago from Mt. Morris Michigan.  I started out in St. Petersburg, but then moved to “the island” six years ago.

bvglogoWhat got you interested in selling real estate?


My husband and I were house flippers.  In ’06, I decided to get my license and sit on the other side of the closing table.

bvglogoHow long have you been with Re/Max Metro?


Three years now.

bvglogoWhat is the best thing about selling homes in Treasure Island?


It’s a different kind of buyer here on “the island.”  This is usually someone who is looking for a second home or vacation home, possibly even an international buyer.  People who want to live in Treasure Island are looking for a paradise feel.

bvglogoWhat are your biggest challenges when selling homes in Treasure Island?


There is just not enough inventory for buyers because sellers are not ready to sell.

bvglogoWhat sets Re/Max Metro apart from the rest?


There is an international influence.  Also, there are many different programs to use; great technology is available.  To add, there is also corporate membership at Treasure Island’s country club.

bvglogoWhat are the best things about living in Treasure Island?


Being so close to nature.  It is a privilege living on the water, so close to manatees and dolphin.  Also, Treasure Island has a small town feel; it’s very Norman Rockwell. Everyone on “the island” knows one another.

bvglogoWhat are four words to describe Treasure Island?


Paradise, casual, nature, fun

bvglogoWhat are you doing when you are not busy selling homes?


I like boating, walking and going to the country club to work out.  The events at The Club a Treasure Island are really fun.  Lots of incredible performers are scheduled at the club, and they offer some great holiday events especially around Halloween and Christmas.  The club caters to families and there are plenty of child-centered activities available.

bvglogoDo you have any interesting stories associated with you selling homes in Treasure Island?


I happen to be showing another agent’s waterfront property. I knew the buyers very well, and this was a pricey piece of property. That evening as we showed up to view the property, I saw one car after another after another pull up behind the buyers. It seems as though the buyers, although we were not under contract and were just viewing the property, were very excited to share the house with their attorney friend, decorator, best friend from out of town…you name it.  It was quite the entourage.
As we walked through the house, we finished up in the backyard by the pool; at that time the buyers had produced bottles of classy red wine. Being that I did not want to embarrass anyone, I went along with having a glass of wine in the backyard with the buyers and their friends. Just about that same time, I walked out front and noticed that the listing agent had showed up to add a rider to his post. Surprise, surprise!  I gingerly looked at him and said, “I apologize about the party in the backyard, it’s just that I have some very interested buyers!” As it turned out, the listing agent was very accommodating and enjoyed the conversation with us in the backyard.