Suncoast Surf Shop

 One of Florida’s oldest and longest-running surf shops… Since 1966!

It’s the summer of ’69, and the Suncoast Syndicate are gettin’ their brand new Oceanside Surfboards hand delivered from Cocoa Beach.  Having just clocked another 500 miles in his beat-up VW bus, Joe Nuzzo personally drove to the east coast and back to hook up his buds with the latest in surfing excellence.  He’s starting a business, and he’s naming it the Suncoast Surf Shop.  Thirty-five years later, it’s become the premier surf shop on the West Coast of Florida.

I think Surf Shops are like pubs, everyone wishes they owned one.  After all, what’s sweeter than chillin’ with Jimmy Buffet and John Prine drinking Margaritas and watching your skin bake?  Well, perhaps it’s watching generations of surfers grow up and pass on the Syndicate attitude of genuine fellowship.   These guys are grandparents now but seem just as stoked as when they scored their first boards.  I bought my first board from Suncoast and have felt like a syndicate member ever since.  Talk about family, there aren’t many clans more united than Surfers.

It’s now the year 2014.  I’ve never seen a more impressive collection of Surf and Paddle boards than at the Suncoast Surf Shop.  All the sweet brands are represented, and it’s a killer spot for both men’s and women’s surfwear.  They got everything one needs to be the next Laird Hamilton or Bailey Rosen.  Joe and his excellent staff treat us customers like we’re already surfing Jaws or Mavericks.  They treat us like members of the old syndicate, which is all we’ve ever wished to be.