Tampa Bay Beaches Visitors Guide Just Released!


Click here to see the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce Visitors Guide flip book!  We published it!

By Steven Kovich,

BVG Founder.

Lucky us!  We at the BVG were honored to have had the privilege of designing, printing, and publishing The Tampa Bay Beaches Visitors Guide for the St. Pete Beach Chamber of Commerce this year.  You can pick up a copy in most of the local businesses (or click here for the flip book) in the St Pete Beach area, or just stop by the St. Pete Beach Chamber of Commerce.  I do need to stress that there is no affiliation between The Beaches Visitors Guide.com website, and the St. Pete Beach Chamber of commerce.  We were contracted by the chamber to produce the annual publication based on our experience of producing other similar publications in the past.  Kimberly Rebman is on the Cover, the chair was crafted by Island Times, and Steven Kovich captured the moment.

It’s been said, “Surround yourself with talented people, and things will come together nicely.”  I think this little book proves that theory.